3.38 fl oz (100mL) Hand Sanitizer Gel 75% Alcohol w/ Aloe Vera Travel & Pocket Size (96 units)

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  • The travel size allows you to keep the item in your pocket for easy keeping
  • Keep customers and employees safe by providing them an individual sanitize

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Pallet Load: 54 cases

Pallet Size: 40"x48"x72"

Pallet Weight: 1,404 lb

FDA Registered

GMP Registered

Private Label Available

MSDS Document Available Upon Request

Emergence#1-800-424-9300 /CHEMTREC/ Contract#CCN871620/ UN Number:UN1170 / Packing Group: PG II / IMDG Class: 3


Tags: Hand Sanitizer, Clean, 99.99% of Germs, Gel, Aloe Vera, Pocket Size, Travel Size