35ft LED Red White Blue fairies string light copper-wire Dual power -USB or 2AA Battery

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require: 2AA battery or USB power source

35feet long string with 100 led made of high quality thin and flexible copper wire. 4 in spacing between led bulb.
IP65 Waterproof - The light string is IP65 waterproof, the flexible copper wire is coated with silver lacquer which makes the whole string water resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor without any worry of moisture or weather damage or short circuit.( Only the string lights is waterproof, the battery pack is not waterproof) Safe and Energy Efficient -

The whole string is very low energy consumption. No overheat and remain safe to the touch. No glare, the soft warm lights in order to protect your eyes. Perfect for decorating bedroom, living room, restaurant, hotel, as well as wedding, Christmas trees, birthday party and all kinds of occasions

Flexible Copper Wire - String Lights are made with a fine bendable copper wire. It is twistable and flexible that can be easily bended and flexibly shaped into any shape that you desire and wrapped around furniture to add a beautiful decorative accent Prefect for creating harmonious and romantic atmosphere for your home. It looks like many stars flashing when you put the lights in the glass jar.